February 1, 2016

Local Hero Gets Top Award

A Northern Ireland motorsport marshal has won the prestigious 2015 JLT MSA Volunteer Official of the Year Award.
County Down man Godfrey Evans will be presented with the MSA Gold Flag Trophy at the MSA Night of Champions which will be held at the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall, London on Saturday January 30.
Godfrey’s dedication is renowned across his multiple roles including chief marshal, trainer and rescue crew member.
Living just outside the gates at Kirkistown race circuit has provided him with the opportunity to demonstrate and use his leadership skills at motorsport events and he is always willing to help and support others and has proved himself to be one hundred percent reliable in all he does, working closely with Northern Ireland’s Motorsport Marshalling Partnership where his skills also cross over to all branches of rallying, often acting as set up crew, acting as a rally control marshal or chief marshal, also helping to clear up after an event.
He is often the first person to volunteer for a task, and will be the last to go home afterwards.
He helps, encourages and coaches others into doing more within motorsport, using his own good example and as a dedicated family man, also is a good example of how to find the right life balance.
Always present at a multitude of events with a cheery smile, his dedication and reliability in all situations are his hallmark and as a result he is highly respected by all who come in contact with him, whilst being solidly grounded in club motorsport and encouraging newcomers.
The MSA Awards Panel was unanimous in their view that Godfrey was most deserving of this recognition.

Written by BMMC

Ready for Action?

The Motorsport Marshalling Partnership (MMP) was set up in 2000 by a number of motor clubs with the aim of recruiting more marshals, encourage marshals to help at more events, reward marshals for their contribution helping at events, and provide training to improve marshals’ skills.
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